Cat insurance for an outdoor cat

The saying that cats have nine lives means that they are extremely resilient creatures. However, this does not mean that cats should not seek medical attention when needed - hopefully taken care of by cat health insurance.

It is in a cat's nature not to act or look hurt to escape predators. Therefore, it is important to watch for signs and symptoms of an injured cat. And this is especially true if the cat is allowed to roam outdoors.

Cat owners know the longing looks their felines give as they stare outside while perched on the window sill. And despite the best attempts to keep cats indoors, sometimes they bolt outside when they see an opportunity through an open door.

Some cat owners feel that it is important for their cats to have the freedom to explore outside. If that is the decision, then the pet owners really should consider getting cat insurance. Outdoor cats are in danger of being hit by cars, getting into fights with other animals and cats, and are exposed to nature's elements as well as manmade pesticides.

We all know that cats get into everything and there's another saying about how curiosity killed the cat. Let's hope this is not the case. All those threats mentioned above could pose potential health issues for cats which would result in frequent trips to the vet and costly vet bills.

While looking at cat health insurance plans, I found services provided under accident coverage and also illness coverage. These veterinary services include x-rays, hospitalizaton, surgery and medication. Some plans even provide for alternative cat treatments. And because putting a microchip on a cat is a good idea for those who like to roam, check if the pet insurance package includes that as well.

I just think it's a no brainer to get cat health insurance for an outdoor cat.